Yankee Candle: Pineapple Cilantro

6 May 2013

I have wanted a Yankee candle for years, since watching all my favourite youtubers rave on about them especially around Christmas time. I was walking past Clinton Cards and the candle stand caught my eye and I went in to check out the scents. Candle shopping is nearly as fun as shopping for a new fragrance, and I cannot wait for autumn/winter when they bring the warm Christmas-y candles back. As it was my first Yankee candle I went for a sampler size and also bought a super cute glass candle holder. 

I went for Pineapple Cilantro, which is a fresh summery scent and is sweet and citrus at the same time, just like a pineapple! It's great to burn at any time of the day as it isn't too strong, as some candles have given me headaches in the past. Also, you can smell it within 5 minutes of burning it compared to candles that take hours for their scent to release. It's especially good for small rooms, as I have been using it in my university accommodation  and it makes the whole room smell great instantly. I will definitely be buying more Yankee candles, and might repurchase this one. 


  1. i've never bought anything from yankee candle, but since you bought a pineapple scent ..... *-* hehe. checking that out in stores soon, thank you for sharing

    please do follow my blog and youtube channel dear, i'd be very grateful if you did! x

    1. Yes you should definitely buy this, it's such a girly scent! Thanks for the comment, and maybe you can follow my blog too if you like? I followed yours on gfc :)x