Good vibes, Good life

10 April 2020

White cover of self help book with text good vibes good life

If you love self-help books that enable you to reflect and empower yourself then this is the book for you. I have bought similar books over the last few years and borrowed from the library but I prefer to own self-help guides as I can dip in and out depending on my mood - it’s not really a book that you could read from start to finish in one or two sittings. (I mean you can if you wish to do so, and maybe this is just a reflection of my laziness when it comes to reading).

I really agree with Vex’s quote ‘Sometimes you have to unplug yourself from the world for a moment, so you can reset yourself’. I shared a picture of the quote on my Insta stories, and it made me laugh at myself because clearly I was not ‘unplugging’ whilst reading that particular page, but sharing is caring, right? But I do like to stay away from social media or if I don’t totally avoid it I won’t read comments on pictures and videos because it’s important to give yourself time to develop your own opinions and understanding of something, whether it’s a news story, a social cause, or an outfit - and not base your views on someone else's opinions, either consciously or subconsciously.

I follow Venetia Falconer on Instagram, who takes part in a 48 hour digital detox every week. I really want to try this, I haven’t mustered up the courage yet. The thought of not going on social media for 2 days is scary (I know, so dramatic), and even more so during this period of isolation and physical distancing, and I have definitely been living through my phone the past weeks just to feel slightly normal and connected. However, as Ramadan is coming up, I believe this will be a great challenge to take part in leading up to it, and during, as it will be a great time to connect with myself and to not be dependant on social media to feel like I'm keeping in touch with people. But instead try to have more meaningful interactions such as a good old phone call.

page from book with self care quote