Week in Pictures | 09.08.14 - 16.08.14

1 September 2014


It feels a bit weird doing a 'Week in Pictures' post many weeks after the pictures were taken but I really want to share these photos so why not, I'm sure no one minds too much. 
I attended a friend's wedding in this week, hence the mendhi/henna and fancy clothes, which I was very excited to wear. I've not had mendhi on my hands in a very long time so I was happy that my sister offered to do my henna as I'm not very skilled in this area. 


Whilst organising my skincare I found this little gem I had purchased from Lush months ago, it's the Angels Delight soap which is actually from Lush's Christmas collection so I might have even bought it last year! It smells so fruity and was a lovely soap to use throughout August as it screams summer. 

A half-face selfie, how original I hear you say. Haha. I've been obssessed with my highlight from my Sleek Contour Kit, which I have in the shade medium. I use it everyday (in moderation) but this week I was loving the super glowy and tanned look so here I was wearing the highlight from the Sleek Kit and Soap&Glory's Peach Party, which has a gorgeous mixture of shimmery bronzes and peach blushes. 


  1. Oooh this cheek/contour/highlight looks really good on you mashaaAllah!
    Might have to check out soap and glorys peach party! xX

    1. Thank you! You have to try it, it's the perfect mix of blush, bronzer and highlight. Thanks for your comment :) x