Week in Pictures

11 November 2014

Here is another Week in Pictures post! Not all of these photos are from the past week however, as I have added a few random ones I had on my camera roll, and I have also sneakily inserted a few from my Instagram! But I'm sure that's okay. I recently made an Instagram account specifically for this blog so I can share more beauty and general 'blogger-ish' photos, and hopefully connect with more bloggers through it. You can find me on Instagram @hafsahsjournal
This was the aftermath of doing some finger painting, now before I go on you're probably wondering why was a 20 year old doing finger painting? Well my sister was painting for her university work and I thought it would be fun to have a go so I was given a paintbrush, a sketchbook and was allowed to go crazy with all the colours. I'm not a very artistic person so my painting was awful, so obviously the next best thing is to see how much paint you can get on your hands. I did end up wasting a lot of her paints, especially the yellow, and whilst washing it off all the colours mixed and it just looked so good so we had to get a picture! Yes that's a lot of paint on my hands and I must admit I was really worried that my skin was going to break out in spots but apparently acrylic paint is not damaging to the skin, and it washed off really easily with just water. 
I'm in the third year of my History degree which is when that dreaded thing comes up, the DISSERTATION. And yes it really does need to be in capital letters because it's all up in my face most of the time. For my research I have been looking at Victorian newspapers, specifically women's columns. The newspapers I need are only available on film so I have to use this machine, which is a microfilm reader. I'm not going to lie, I laughed when I first saw the microfilm reader when I went to the archives, because it's huge and it looks so old. It felt a bit weird that I had to use this giant machine and manually feed the tape in to set it up, when I'd previously been using on line archives on a normal computer that you'd expect in 2014. Using a microfilm reader is a very slow process, it took me hours just to scroll through all the pages from January 1893 of just one newspaper. 
This was the nicest spinach and ricotta cannelloni ever! I recently tried some from Sainsburys and it was so good, and whilst my sister and I were eating it she said she could make some that was even tastier herself, so of course I challenged her and this is what she made! It was really easy to make (I watched), and she's going to teach me how to make some soon, so there might be a new recipe post!
This was the best doughnut ever, and it was a special Halloween one!
How cute are these? I really do go crazy in Sainsburys. 

Hope you enjoyed the post!