Beauty | Long-Lasting Makeup

6 April 2016

It has been a very long time since I last wrote a make-up review but I've put my beauty brains back on to share a few tips that have really been working for me in terms of making my face stay on all day. 
I have medium to oily skin type, which I don't really mind because it gives me a natural radiant look but when I have a full face of make-up on it can be a battle to keep the shine at bay at times. I've had too many moments in the past where I've caught my reflection in a mirror in the middle of the day and I've cringed at the state of my face, which can only be described as an oily mess. 
So to reduce those moments of questioning why I paid £14.50 for a foundation that won't last past midday on my face, I have been following four steps religiously. (And there wasn't anything wrong with the foundation, it was just my face, as expected.)

  1. My first step is to always moisturise at least ten minutes before you start applying your make-up. It's really important to use a good moisturiser even if you have oily skin, skipping out on a day cream will only make your skin oilier. I like to pat my moisturiser in and leave it for ten/fifteen minutes to sink in fully, so it doesn't interfere with my face make-up. My daily moisturiser is the All Bright Hydrating Day Cream from Botanics, which has SPF 15. I try to use something with SPF on my face everyday, because my skin is very sensitive in the sun, and despite having an Asian skin tone I get burnt easily if I'm not careful. Also, I am so impressed by the Botanics range from Boots in general, I have been trying so many of their skincare products, and there are always great offers on the range too!
  2. Next I like to prime my face. This is a recent addition to my make-up routine but it makes all the difference. I currently use the No7 Beautifully Matte Make Up Base from Boots. I bought this because I had a No7 voucher but I also use a No7 foundation so I thought they might work good together, and they do! I use a pea sized amount and rub into my t-zone. It's great at hiding pores, fine lines and most importantly keeping the excess shine away. I like to apply my foundation right away as I want it to stick to the primer as much as possible. Primers are also very good as they act like a barrier between your skin and foundation, so less make-up sinks into your pores which is always great. Even better, this particular base has Salicylic acid 'to help fight against spot causing bacteria'. 
  3. The next product is a holy-grail and is definitely the first product most people would think about when wanting to set your make-up. I love Max Factor's Professional Loose Powder, in Translucent, for setting my concealer and mattifying. I usually dust some all over my face using my real techniques powder brush, and I concentrate more product on my t-zone, which I brush off after a few minutes. Turns out I've been 'baking', but it works so I'm not complaining! This step makes a huge difference in the lasting power of my base and reduces the need to re-powder during the day, which was really good when I was working in retail because I did not have the time to be retouching my makeup during the day!
  4. This last step is not something I do everyday, but when I need extra staying power I go for a few generous sprays of the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. This setting spray also works to make your makeup look flawless; the moisture causes the different layers of products to combine and makes any lines less harsh. Sometimes makeup doesn't look great as soon as you've finished applying it because it can take around twenty minutes for it so set properly onto your face, instead of looking like an unnatural layer. And this spray really helps speed this process up. 

I'd love to know if there any steps you take to keep your face matte and flawless all day :)