Tea | Favourites

4 April 2017

Today I bring you a post about a passion of mine: tea. As we all know it fixes about almost everything, and I love buying, drinking and discussing the stuff! Here are my top three hot drinks at the moment (apart from a cup of good old Yorkshire tea) :

pink box of chai teabags with cup of tea and brown glasses on grey background
1. Chai teabags by M&S - I've tried many 'chai' teabags and most taste strange - the spices are almost fake tasting and are simply too strong for a cup of tea, whereas this particular tea has a kick whilst tasting blended.

green floral box of tea with mug of green tea on brown table
2. Green tea with Manuka by Heath & Heather - it's taken me a while to enjoy green tea - I never drink green tea on it's own - it has to have some component for me to even consider it! I love manuka honey so I gave this a try and it's great - it makes a good breakfast drink.

pink floral box of tea with cup of herbal tea
3. Echinacea by Heath & Heather - I've left the best to last - I discovered Echinacea about a year ago, and it's been a cupboard staple in my house since. Having individually wrapped teabags makes it easier to take the tea to work - and it's the first thing I reach to if I'm feeling run-down because Echinacea is great for boosting the immune system and fighting off colds!

What are your all-time favourite teas?