Crazy Lipstick Lady?

17 June 2013

Having lots of lipsticks is not as fun as it seems. Yes, I hear you screaming out in horror why?  First of all it is a very expensive habit, it might not seem like you're spending much when you spend five or ten pounds in Boots and Superdrug every other week or so on lipstick, but when it all adds up you realise you have a serious problem. I definitely am a crazy lipstick lady! Another issue I have some mornings is not being able to decide on one colour, I stare at my lip products then choose one, decide it doesn't look right, wipe it off on my sleeve, choose another one and so on... Obviously I am not saying lipstick is a terrible thing because once I have worn some it completes my makeup look and makes me feel more confident to face the day.

Anyway I picked up this Sleek True Colour lipstick recently from Superdrug as part of a 3 for 2 offer. I went for the shade Mystic, which is a vibrant pinky purple as it's a super funky colour and I don't have many purples. This was definitely an exciting purchase for me as I dropped everything as soon as I stepped into my house and ran to try it on. And I was not disappointed. The formula is really moisturising as it contains Vitamin E and the colour is very pigmented as you get the exact colour on your lips as the colour of the lipstick in the tube. Sometimes I find that lipsticks don't look the same worn as they appear due to the pigmentation of my lips. It has decent staying power but needs reapplying after about 3 hours or after eating/drinking. 


  1. Did you like the feel of the Sleek lipstick throughout the day? I am a huge Sleek fan but, honestly, I was so disappointed in the lipstick formulas! I thought they just dried my lips up by the end of the day...=/

    1. I think they're moisturising at first but yes I definitely think they are drying as you keep reapplying. But I find that most matte lipsticks are drying because they don't have that extra moisture which makes them slide. If you want a really good lipstick you should try the No7 Stay Perfect range, they're really moisturising and don't feel as heavy on the lips as Sleek lipsticks.