Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish Review

18 June 2013

Whilst wondering around in Boots I was excited to see a new stand of nail polishes with a huge £1.99 sign. Sinful Colors is an American brand and that is why the polishes are really cheap but very good quality. They are also slightly larger than 'normal' brand such as Barry M, which have 10ml of product, whereas Sinful Colors have 15ml. I bought two colours, Hazard and Pistache.

Hazard is a bright orange/coral which is my go to colour in the summer. 

I chose Pistache which is a gorgeous light green. I am quite pleased about how it looks on me, as I wasn't sure if a light green would compliment my skin tone. As you can see from the pictures they are super glossy and I didn't feel the need to wear top coat. They have a really expensive feel and I will be buying more as they have a great colour range.