Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss | Sizzle

9 October 2013

As we all take out our berry toned lipsticks in autumn/winter you might be thinking right now 'hey, what is a bright orange-red lip gloss doing here?' Well I actually bought this about 6 months ago but I have hardly worn it, it somehow made it to the back of my make-up draw so I didn't see it all summer! It's the perfect gloss for an orange-red lip.

This is in the shade 'Sizzle' (great name) and I just love the packaging; it looks and feels like a high-end product which is great as it costs around £8. Even £8 pounds can seem expensive for a lip gloss, however it is definitely worth it due to the colour pay-off and shine. It's perfect to wear on its own, but over a red lipstick it just looks super glamorous which will be perfect for the festive season.

What's your go-to lipstick/lip gloss shade in the autumn/winter? Do you tend to gravitate towards darker tones or do you wear a mixture of everything? I enjoy following seasonal trends, such as wearing darker red and purple lipsticks in the colder months. However, I think it's very easy to get caught up in a little bubble, feeling that you have to follow certain trends whether they are in fashion, beauty or music, so I think everyone needs to just stop for a second and inject some personality into their style, so you can stand out from the crowd! So if you feel like wearing that coral you rocked all summer, just go for it! 
Now that my mini rant is over, we can go back to the purpose of this post, which was this amazing lip gloss!  Are there any high-street lip glosses you would recommend?  


  1. I absolutely adore this colour! I agree with you there...the rant part :-) I tend to wear darker tones in Autumn but if I feel like a bright colour, nothing stops me! I personally prefer lipsticks but I love the Rimmel vinyl gloss in hot pink. I also love the orangey red Kiko lipstick in shade 605 and Kate Moss wine red/purple in the shade 107. Check em out! I've been wearing them non-stop recently...they are featured in my Sept Favs!

    1. Yep I'm definitely a lip stick girl too but I've been finding some amazing glosses recently, ooh thanks I will now be running to the Rimmel counter! I've never tried Kiko before, and yes the Kate Moss 107 is just the best! Thanks so much for your comment :) x