Topshop Crayons | Ramble & Sun Shower

27 October 2013

I've heard great things about Topshop's make-up collections, however, I don't own many items from there as the Topshop in my home town doesn't have a make-up counter! They only sell the nail polishes which is disappointing as I always want to check out their blushers and lipsticks. Also I like to swatch make-up before I buy it; I never buy cosmetics online unless I've tried them before because you can never be sure about the colour and there's always the risk of it smashing and we don't want that. But luckily the Topshop store in my university town has a huge make-up counter so I can now add these two eye crayons to my small collection.

I found these crayons in the sale section for just £1 each! Now that's what I call an amazing bargain! They are really easy to apply as they are highly pigmented and smooth, and can be smudged out to create an eye shadow. The brown crayon called Ramble is great to wear on it's own and also can be added to a smoky brown eye to add more depth and sparkle. And of course the gold shade, Sun Shower, is super bright and can be used to line the top of the eyes to make them stand out! They are long-lasting and are a great alternative to using eye shadows as you can achieve a fun party look in the matter of minutes.