Easiest Make-Up Removal Ever | Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

13 March 2014

If there was a lazy person's guide to make-up removal, I can assure you that the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water would be the only cleanser recommended. This product is clearly based on Bioderma's Sensibo H20 which became very popular this time last year. However, I never got round to trying it because I assumed it was really expensive and I wasn't sure of where I could purchase it. 

So I recently heard about  L'orĂ©al's cleansing water so I went into Boots with the intention of buying that, but I came across this one first in the store and my first thoughts were 'omg that's so cute'! Yes I am weird - but the bottle is round and chubby and has a bright pink lid so I was instantly drawn in. It was around £5, which can seem pricey if you're used to using face wipes or a face wash to remove make-up but it's definitely worth it as it's very good at removing all traces of make-up.

You literally just squirt some of the product onto a cotton pad and I usually use two, one for the eyes and the other for the rest of the face. There is no need to rub; just swipe the cotton pad over the face and everything should come off. I love that it removes waterproof eye make-up as well as foundation and lipstick. 

It has made my night-time skincare routine so much easier and faster, and best of all there's no need to rinse your face after, you can go straight onto toning and moisturising. 

Have you tried any cleansing waters?