Everyday Make-up

10 March 2014

Hi! I love seeing what make-up people use on a daily basis because that means those products are of good quality and reliable. I have been using the following products all together since the beginning of the year, as the new year is always a good time to change things around. The only thing I change here and there is lip colour as life is too short to wear a nude lip everyday. I've listed the products in the order I wear them:

Rimmel - Wake Me Up Foundation in 400 Natural Beige
This is a great everyday foundation with medium coverage and I've been using it since the end of January. Prior to using this I was used to having a really matte face so it took me a while to like the glow this foundation gave. But I was determined to like this because I really didn't want to have wasted my money on it, so I stuck with it and realised I really like the way it made my skin look. It's perfect for spring as it will give you a healthy glow and it has SPF 15.

Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer in Warm Medium 3/Deep 4
This is definitely the most talked about concealer in the blogosphere, but for good reason too because it's such a great product. It stays on all day and covers those dark circles and blemishes amazingly and best of all it's super affordable at £3.99. 

Soap & Glory - One Heck of A Blot 
The prize for the best puns in the business can go to Soap & Glory, we can all agree on that right? This is my favourite face powder in the world, it's better than the Rimmel Stay Matte in my opinion. It's in a translucent shade so is perfect for everyone and does what it says on the box, it gives you one heck of a blot. I love the packaging and comes with a mirror. The only downside is the price as it's a hefty £12 for a face powder, compared to Rimmel's Stay Matte which is around the £5 mark. But having said that, it is long lasting as it took me months to hit pan.

Sleek - Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette in Medium 
I only use the contour on a daily basis, and the highlighter when I want to look extra glamorous.

Estée Lauder - Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer in 03 Medium Deep
Words cannot describe my love for this bronzer, this is one product I will be re-purchasing for the rest of my life, I'm sure of it! It's a matte powder bronzer and gives a gorgeous warmth to my skin. You can wear it really lightly or build it up for a super tanned look. I wear it all over my cheeks, forehead and nose; I really have to restrain myself when using this because it's one of those products you want to use all over your face! And the best thing is: it's not orange.

Rimmel - Eyebrow Pencil in 004 Black Brown
This is not in the picture above, but it is great to run through the brows as using a pencil is probably the easiest and fastest way of filling them in.

Maybelline - Falsies mascara in Black Drama
It's so easy to achieve fluttery lashes with just one sweep of this mascara. It does not clump and can give you the false lash effect after a couple of coats.

Max Factor - Lipstick in Rosewood 
I have been wearing a nude lip quite a lot recently, and this is the perfect pinky-brown nude for me. It has a sheen finish and feels really moisturising. Also I was really excited to see the name Rosewood, anyone watch PLL?

Are any of these products a part of your daily make-up routine?


  1. Oooh, I use a lot of these products regularly too! The collection concealer and the wake me up foundation. I prefer the max factor masterpiece max as a mascara. I'm looking for a new bronzer, I use the soap and glory one at the moment- it's the only one where I don't look like I've painted a brown patch/ line on my face...don't ask. Although it's amazing, I think it's time for something new! Is there a shade in the estee lauder that you would recommend for really pale skin? Or are they all quite brown? Bronzers scare me and I find it really hard to find a blendable one! Great post idea :-)

    1. Thanks for your comment! Max factor mascara's sound really good, I've never tried one but everyone talks about them so I might have a look! I think all the Estee Lauder one's are very orange/brown, I have shade 03 which is the most yellow toned out of all of them, I felt like the rest were too orange. I think you would love the Bourjois chocolate bronzers, my sister is a couple of shades lighter than me and she loves it. x