ASOS Jewellery Favourites | Top Ten Under £10

12 August 2015

6) CURVE Fine Square Choker & Chain Necklace £8.007) Open Moon Star Ring £8.00, 8) Festival Enamel Drop Earrings £5.00, 9) Limited Edition Open Triangle Earrings £8.00, 10) Orelia Geometic Chain Temporary Tattoos £8.00


  1. Lovely quick to read post! We visited Harrods yesterday and my sister got a golden temporary tattoo - I LOVE it! especially on asian skintones they look so gorgeous, might have to see if I can find a couple for a decent price haha
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

    1. Thank you Iqra! Ooh a trip to London is long overdue so I may have to pop into Harrods. And yes I love all metallics and I think these tattoos might be on their way to replace henna patterns (I hope not) haha! I've seen some cheaper ones in Topshop too but I love these as they have my favourite pastel colours in them. Thanks for stoppping by :) x