Nutritious Summer Recipe | Avocado, Blueberry & Peanut Butter Smoothie

16 August 2015

This is my go-to smoothie recipe.
It's super fresh, sweet and creamy and really filling due ingredients such as oats, which gives it that breakfast-y taste. Before I was introduced to this particular smoothie by my sister, I really struggled with being happy with just having a smoothie for breakfast with nothing else, I liked having a slice of toast or a croissant on the side so I could feel full. But due to the avocado and peanut butter in this recipe, this drink has a lot of texture so it really feels like you're having a big and filling breakfast without eating anything that's bad for you. For me it satisfies all my breakfast cravings, it's sweet from the banana, has a fresh kick from the blueberries with a little salty touch from the peanut butter. I really recommend it! 

You will need:

A handful of fresh blueberries
Quarter/half an avocado
One banana
A generous tablespoon of peanut butter
A heaped tablespoon of oats
Water - amount depends on preferred consistency 

Obviously amounts of each ingredient can be modified to suit your tastes and requirements, and new ingredients can be added, I'd love to find out new recipes. It feels really good knowing exactly what you're putting into yourself, especially as all these ingredients have so many health benefits so it's a really good way to give yourself a healthy positive start in the morning. If you're not really a big fan of avocado, then this is the one for you as it doesn't have an overwhelming taste in this smoothie. I know lot's of people who aren't the avocado-on-toast type of people so it's a good way to get the health benefits from this amazing fruit. 

I also have a strawberry, spinach and chia seed smoothie recipe over on my Instagram, which is @hafsahsjournal. I'd love to know what your favourite smoothie is and any links to healthy food and drinks recipes on your blog!



  1. Ahhh, I really need to try this. It sounds yummy! I've been meaning to start having smoothies for breakfast - I never know what to have and usually go for the unhealthy option. Do you have any more favourites? x