5 things I learnt in 2015

8 January 2016

  • I learnt how to use a sewing machine, hem a skirt, and most importantly, successfully thread a needle, all without losing any fingers or toes! This was an exciting time as the last time I probably picked up a needle was when I was seven and used to have embroidery lessons from my mum. It was my sisters very fast approaching deadline and I had to quickly brush up my skills and got stitching away. And apparently it was such a novelty seeing me sewing, that instead of doing her work my sister was snapping away pictures of me looking super happy with myself whilst on the sewing machine! 

  • In 2015 I learnt that my brain does not function after 11pm. I rarely worked after this time on any essays, which always made me feel like I was doing something wrong because people all around me talked about doing 'all nighters' to finish their work. In fact, throughout all of my time at university I only ever did two all nighters, and they were both to help someone else! 

  • Having a pet changes your life, for good. In June, we got the cutest little 8 week old kitten and now we are a house full of cat and animal lovers. I just don't understand how we've lived all these years without a furry little pet running around! I'm hoping to do a little post on having a kitten, especially if it's your first proper pet, so keep an eye out for that. 

  • I'm cheating here, as it is now 2016 as I write this, but I have confirmed to myself that I have a terrible memory. I'm going through my camera roll to jog my memory of 2015, as all I can seem to remember is December! But more seriously, since I graduated from university a lot of people ask me about my course, the modules and my dissertation and I often found myself struggling to remember what I learnt during my three years at university. I blame my lack of memory on the fact that I learnt so much that my brain is clogged up (who am I kidding?!) therefore I would fail at any lightening round in a quiz, whether I'm on a tv show or if it's just my uncle asking me what the outcome of my dissertation was. But on a more serious note, it's been a little habit of mine for a while; filing away memories into zipped files in my brain if there is anything negative attached to it, as if they never happened. And the amount of blood, sweat, tears and drama that went into writing up my dissertation would make anyone shudder at the thought of it. 

  •  2015 was a very important year for me in my growth in self-confidence. Over the year I came to realise that I was less self-conscious, and stopped caring about what every single person I met thought about me. I've definitely made a huge improvement from the person I was not too long ago, and one of my main goals of 2016 is to grow even further and become that super confident person that I know I can be.  Obviously, to say that I totally don't care about what people think of me would be a lie, I don't think there's anyone in the world who doesn't care but I feel I have made a huge improvement from the person I was. I've learnt to give importance to the right people and opinions that should matter instead of trying to impress every single human I meet.