A little update...

11 December 2015

Welcome back to my blog! Hope everyone's had a good year.

I don't really have an explanation as to why I've been absent from here for so long, other than that I just fell out of love with 'blogging'. I found it difficult to relate to my own blog and content, part of which can be blamed on the fact that I started this blog at 17, and a couple of months ago at 21 I didn't know what the point of this space was any more. I didn't want to force myself or create the pressure of 'blogging' again when I wasn't able to put my 100% into it. I've definitely had a creative block for the past six months or so, and there's even been times that I'd forgotten that I had a blog, which is super strange for me because I was my blog's biggest fan once upon a time! 

So how did I get here, typing away on a Friday night at 10:11pm, feeling super sleepy but determined to write something up? Maybe this feeling is just temporary, being pushed on by the sugar rush from the tea and Dairy Milk giant buttons I've had but it seems like I've got my mojo back! (Do people even use that word anymore? Probably not.) But in all honesty, I was extremely bored and I've watched too many vlogmas' and Vampire Diaries today that I needed a breather from Elena drama and advent calenders, when I suddenly remembered that I have a blog (that no-one probably reads), where I can write about how bored I am. And lo behold, here I am! I'm excited and hope this space can go back to what it was always meant to be for me; a place for me to express myself.