A cup of positivi-tea

11 October 2020

yellow yorkshire tea biscuit brew box

6 loose tea samples on table

very craftea loose tea gift set with blue strainer and lotus biscuit

I love making lists and what's better than a list of tea favourites. These have been my go-to teas since September so these are all very autumnal and warming. During the summer/lockdown it was all about coffee for me and a lot of time was spent making and drinking dalgonas but now that I'm back at work and it's gotten colder I've gone back to my first love...tea!

Yorkshire Tea Biscuit Brew

This is the ultimate autumn tea and the best creation ever - tea that tastes like biscuits! It has a delicious malty digestive biscuit taste and if you are a sugar in tea person this tea might surprise you as it's quite already quite sweet. I'm not really a biscuit person, mostly because I can never stop at just a few biscuits so this is the perfect tea for me. Yorkshire Tea have just come out with a new Toast and Jam tea which I need to get my hands on asap!

Desi Masala Chai by Very Craftea 

Very Craftea is a loose tea and craft kits business, and I first tried teas from here around this time last year, which was actually my first venture into loose teas. If you've not tried loose teas before this is a great place to try them from as they do taster size bags which is so helpful. Desi Masala Chai hits the spot every time. Like any loose tea you can make it the regular way, but I recently tried this tea the traditional Pakistani way in a pot on the hob with lots of milk and sugar and it really is equally delicious both ways. This tea without milk and sugar is my go-to drink if I feel under the weather, as the spices are super warming and comforting. 

Blood Orange by Very Craftea

Another loose tea by Very Craftea which again is incredible and is the best fruit tea I have tried to date.  The scent and the rich colour when brewed are so autumnal and festive and the best thing is that it tastes as good as it smells which is so important as I've been catfished by many great smelling fruit teas in the past. 

Cardamom chai by Tea India 

 As a cardamom enthusiast I had to put this in my basket when doing the shop from Morrisons. As the name states it's a strong black tea with lots of cardamom. It's easy enough to add cardamom to any tea, sometimes I'll mix some ground cardamom into a cup of yorkshire tea or put a few pods into my cup. But with it all being in a teabag it makes it so much easier and if I fancy a cardamom tea at work it's so easy. 

Turmeric Gold by Pukka

Pukka do lovely flavour combinations and this one is so unique. Turmeric has so many health benefits, and it's surprisingly refreshing due to the lemon, it's a delicious tea.