A few facts about me!

6 September 2013

Hi guys,

This is my first post about me! I haven't officially introduced myself on here yet, which is weird as it is my blog. So here's a few facts and a picture of me! 

  1. My name is Hafsah and I am 19 years old. 
  2. I am about to start my second year of university, where I'm studying a History degree.
  3.  I actually started this blog in August 2011 but I've been writing on a more regular basis since August 2013, so two years later!
  4. I love making lists especially to-do lists and things that I have done lists, like all the books I've read or all the films I've watched. Yes, I'm weird. 
  5. I am a lipstick addict, I always tell myself that I don't need any more but I somehow find myself in the make-up aisles in Boots, with my hands covered in lipstick swatches. 


  1. #4 is so me!! I am always making to-do lists, shopping lists, goals lists, favorite color lists, even lists of lists lol. Glad to see there's more people like me.

    Well, nice to meet you Hafsah! I just followed your blog on Bloglovin.
    Please check mine out and follow if you'd like :)


    1. Haha I have so many notebooks full of lists, it's a serious addiction! Thanks for the lovely comment and the follow, I followed you back, love your posts so far :) xx

  2. Yesss! List making is so satisfying! Most of my posts contain some form of list! =\
    I too created my blog in 2011 but only started writing in it last month!


    1. The most satisfying part is crossing off things from a to-do list, I'm guilty of adding things when I've done them just so I can cross them off! Ooh snap, yep I'm definitely more serious about blogging now :)
      Thanks for the follow!