Anatomicals Facial Spritz Review

1 September 2013

Hey guys <3 

I can't believe it's September already, where did the summer go? Let's just hope the weather doesn't change too drastically as I'm definitely not ready to wear boots yet! So here's a review of a summery product in hope that the good weather stays. 
In hot stuffy weather there is no worse feeling than your face heating up, and getting clogged due to a heavy foundation and layers of powder you have used in attempt to mattify your face. So when I received the anatomicals spray misty for me facial spritz in the July Glossybox I was very pleased, as a cooling facial spray is an absolute essential for the summer months. It contains ingredients such as peppermint, rose, lavender, aloe and witch hazel which all help to cool your face down. What I love about this product is that it works on bare skin and on top of make-up, so even if you are all made up to the nines on a hot day you can count on this facial spritz to keep your face feeling refreshed. 
I have been spraying it first thing in the morning under my make-up to instantly refresh my skin for the day and I then spritz throughout the day when I feel need, from a distance of about 30 cm to ensure it doesn't interfere with my make-up.


  1. I'm so disappointed summer is nearly over! I've seen a lot of this kind of product but never this one, may have to look into it :)

    Lovely blog, now following you!

    Have a look at my blog if you have time? xx

    1. Yes it's a great product and only 6 pounds which is cheap compared to similar ones. Thank you for your comment and for the follow! I have followed you on bloglovin :)

      Hafsah x