11 September 2013

-slight flick-

I found this amazing picture on Pinterest and I immediately fell in love with the make-up look as it's so simple and is a look which I would realistically wear. There are thousands of make-up images on Pinterest and it's rare I come across one where I like everything, not just the lips or the eyes, and is something easily achievable by someone with basic make-up skills (me). The internet and beauty/fashion magazines are full of gorgeous make-up looks but I wouldn't try 90% of them because of the eye make-up. Applying eye-shadow just scares me due to my lack of blending skills, and I feel like it just doesn't suit me.

Coming back to this picture, I absolutely love:
  1. Her glowing skin; I think everyone dreams of having skin this bright and flawless.
  2. The bronzed cheeks, I am now officially on 'the pursuit of this bronzer'.
  3. The natural brows; I love how they're combed upwards and haven't been over filled which makes them look strong and delicate at the same time, if that makes sense.
  4. The full lashes and double flicked eyeliner.
  5. And lastly the berry stained lips, that again are very natural looking.

I think this look is perfect for the transition between summer and autumn, so I'm definitely going to attempt it and if it looks anything like this image then I will post it on here! 


  1. Hi! I really like your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Awards! You can find the rules and my questions to you here; Hope you'll enjoy nominating others! Love, Katharina

    1. Hey thanks so much :) I've already done a Liebster Award post, but I will definitely answer your questions in another post. thanks for the nomination!