What I wore

9 September 2013

T-shirt - Primark, Checked shirt - New Look, Skirt - New Look

Scarf - Primark, Shoes - Primark 

 I've been wanting to do an outfit post for a long time now but the pictures never look right to me, but I thought I should stop fussing and give it a go. This is what I wore this weekend so it's pretty casual. I wear a lot of maxi skirts and dresses during the warmer months as they are super comfortable, and I have worn this checked shirt to death and will continue to do so! 


  1. Nice plaid shirt http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/

  2. lovely! i know how you feel about pictures not looking right to you, i am still iffy about starting my outfit posts because of this reason. I figure, if we keep at it, we will get better :)

    ~ blkbrdbb.blogspot.com ~

    1. thanks :) yep definitely we should just for it, the more pictures we take, the better we get at posing in our gardens ;) I just saw your outfit post, trust me the pics and outfit are great!